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The idea of Odyssey was born Onboard by modern Ulysses, running modern ships, facing the modern Scylla and Charybdis.

Odyssey’s name comes from Homer’s ‘Odyssey’, describing Odysseus’ (or Ulysses) journey home after the fall of Troy. In modern times it denotes that a man’s life is an Odyssey and that the significance is not in the final destination, but in the journey itself.

Odyssey’s logo represents the ancient trireme, an ancient Greek war galley with three banks of oars.

Odyssey is full of ideas, but let’s start with the basics.

Odyssey was initially conceived to bridge the gap, between people working (or searching for work) in the Maritime industry, On-Board or At-Shore and Maritime Companies. This is why stands for ODC (for ‘Odyssey’) and RS for ‘Recruitment System’; actually, is not such.

Odyssey wants to progressively become a social network, not simply a common platform for finding a job. As technology moves on and internet services unify the continents and seas, we aim at building a Society.

Odyssey plans to share your ideas and dreams, giving a small ‘push’ for a better future. For everyone.

“The journey is the thing.”
― Homer (attributed to)